Recruiting Framework

After having built several WordPress themes that essentially did the same thing just with a different appearance and with different blog content I set out to create a framework to automate a process that previously took a couple of months and reduce it to a few minutes.

This framework is built upon a responsive skeleton and has a user interface that allows the user to input database information for the imported data from their old servers and arrange the layout.

The home page is totally fluid. There are four modules with swappable content such as an image slider or an SVG state map. The user can drag and drop these modules into their desired display location.

The framework is dependent upon 60+ WordPress pages which can be created by clicking a button. Similarly, the imported data has a fluctuating number of required pages that can be detected and created by clicking a button.

The site also features a logo uploader along with color picker customization. Finally, a slew of over a dozen custom hand-coded widgets for the miscellaneous sidebar features.