Site features: Responsive design, bootstrap, pay wall, custom taxonomies, custom widgets and plugins.

This site was live when I inherited it; however, it was throwing errors and crashing almost every page load. Why? Bad coding. While looking at the code it was obvious these other guys had coded before and are good at what they do; however, it was painfully obvious they had never done WordPress before.

I started out by fixing cosmetic issues the client was previously told weren’t possible such as assigning a maximum width. From there I properly coded the sidebars so the client could control the content in them. Later I took a time out and rebuilt each file one by one because 80% of the template design and code was in the functions file

Finally, I rewrote most of the functionality since a lot of code was written to do things WordPress can do by default and it was crashing the site.

Today, there’s not a single page I’ve not rewritten or function I have not altered or replaced. The final product is pretty cool

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